Development and validation of a care delivery tool to enhance the transition of adolescents from specialized pediatric to adult primary care

Projet lauréat de l’appel à projets de recherche sur les innovations 2019-2020.


RRAPPL impliqués : RRAPPL Université McGill et RRAPPL Université Montréal (RRSPUM)

This interdisciplinary participatory project involves the evidence-based design and validation of a new tool which policy-makers, managers, healthcare professionals and educators can use to ensure that there is adequate care coordination chronically-ill children as they transition from specialty pediatric to adult primary care. The project optimizes already extensive engagement across two RRAPPLs and with our patient partner on this topic, features a close-knit and highly-experienced team, prioritizies education of primary care professionals, and is embedded in the work of the MUHC Transition Taskforce. This will ensure feasability and credibility of the tool, and its efficient and widespread implementation and dissemination.


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