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Seeta Ramdass

Patient.e / proche aidant.e

Co-présidente Comité des Usagers du CUSM

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Seeta Ramdass has a solid understanding of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) and McGill teaching hospitals, as well as the needs of patients and their families, thanks to a career spanning over 25 years in the public relations and communications field, most recently as Director of Public Relations and Communications for St. Mary’s Hospital Centre, a spokes-person for the MUHC, and patient advocacy roles in the Montreal community. Ms. Ramdass is currently Co-chair of the MUHC Users’ Committee, a longstanding member of the Montreal Children’s Hospital Family Advisory Forum, a member of the Conseil de la protection des malades and a Board member of the Just for Kids Foundation. She is also a leader of Community Health Montreal, a new patient and clinician initiative that is working with marginalized communities to tailor the delivery of healthcare services to the needs of each community. The initiative is an outgrowth of the patient- and clinician-engagement movement of the North American Primary Care Research Group, which has brought together doctors, researchers, healthcare workers and patients to empower patients as equal partners in decisions about healthcare delivery. Throughout her career, Ms. Ramdass has promoted the clinical, teaching and research successes of the hospitals, universities and foundations with which she has worked. She has been instrumental in producing medical reports, news stories and documentaries, including over


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RRAPPL de l'Université McGill

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  • Santé mondiale / Soins interculturels

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  • Engagement / Activation des patients


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