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Nadia Sourial


Candidate au doctorat

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Nadia is a Vanier Scholar currently completing a PhD in Family Medicine and Primary Care Research at McGill University. Her research interests include the application of causal inference methods for the evaluation of primary care programs and policies. As part of a national team on Research for the Organization of Healthcare Services for Alzheimers, Nadia’s research focuses on the impact of Family Health Teams in Ontario on health service utilization for persons with dementia. She is combining novel methods in causal inference as well as qualitative and participatory methods to inform her analysis using health administrative data. Prior to her doctoral work, Nadia worked as a biostatistician in research in chronic disease and aging as well as at the federal government and in the pharmaceutical industry. Nadia’s goal is to cross-fertilize her formal training and experience in the field to advance health services research in primary care based on evidence-based policies and programs.


Université McGill

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RRAPPL de l'Université McGill

Domaine d'intérêts / expertises

  • Accès aux soins
  • Disparités des soins / de santé
  • Epidémiologie
  • Gériatrie / Vieillissement
  • Organisation de soins et services de santé

Expertises méthodologiques

  • Analyse de politiques
  • Devis et analyses quantitatives
  • Statistiques avancées


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