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François Lellouche

Chercheur(e), Clinicien(ne)-praticien(ne)

chercheur clinicien

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François LELLOUCHE, MD, PhD obtained the MD degree in internal medicine in 2001 and critical care medicine in 2004 from the Pierre et Marie Curie University (Paris VI) and the PhD degree in Science and Engineering: Materials - Modeling - Environment, University of Paris XII, with Pr Laurent Brochard as supervisor. He was an INSERM – CIHR Postdoctoral Fellow at the Saint-Michael hospital laboratory (Pr Sinderby and Arthur Slutsky). He is currently critical care physician at the Quebec Heart and Lung University Institute and Associate Professor at the Department of medicine at Laval University. His research interests include humidification of gas during mechanical ventilation, noninvasive mechanical ventilation, high flow oxygen therapy and new modes of mechanical ventilation, focusing on automated modes of respiratory support and closed-loop oxygen supplementation. He conducts at the research center of the Quebec Heart and Lung Institute bench studies, physiological studies focusing on breathing physiology and clinical trials to evaluate the clinical impact based on preliminary studies. His laboratory develops several innovative devices in the field of respiratory and oxygen support, including the FreeO2 device, a new breakthrough closed loop device that titrates oxygen flow based on patient’ needs. He co-founded with Pr Erwan L’Her the Oxynov company that manufactures and commercializes the FreeO2 device.



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Domaine d'intérêts / expertises

  • Cybersanté
  • Médecine d'urgence
  • Organisation de soins et services de santé
  • Populations vulnérables
  • Soins pulmonaire

Expertises méthodologiques

  • Essaies randomisés classiques ou pragmatiques
  • Validation / Evaluation d'instruments de mesure


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