ACHRU Community Partnership Program for Diabetes Self-Management for Older Adults – Canada

Projet lauréat du concours subventions programmatiques (automne 2017) du Réseau ISSPLI (IRSC).

Responsables : Jenny Ploeg, Patrick Dicerni, Bill Johnson, Kathryn A. Fisher, Rebecca L. Ganann, Andrea Gruneir, France Légaré, Lynne Mansell, Maureen Frances Markle-Reid, William J. Montelpare, Patricia Reid, Frank Tang, Ross E. Upshur, Ruta K. Valaitis.

Living with diabetes and other chronic (ongoing) conditions is common in older adults. These individuals have poorer health and higher use of health services compared to older adults with diabetes alone. Programs that help older adults self-manage their diabetes and other health conditions benefit both individuals and the healthcare system. The McMaster University Aging, Community and Health Research Unit developed and tested a new patient-centered, community-based program to improve the delivery and outcomes of care for older adults with diabetes and other chronic conditions. This 6-month program was developed in partnership with patients, caregivers, primary and community care providers and researchers. The program is delivered by nurses, dietitians and community providers. It involves in-home visits by nurses and dietitians, monthly group wellness sessions at community centers, and monthly team meetings. Wellness sessions include exercise, education, shared meals, and social support. Caregivers are invited to be active participants along with patients. The program was successfully implemented in Ontario and Alberta. Participants who received the program had better quality of life, self-management, and mental health at no additional cost compared to those receiving usual care. To determine how the program can best help people, more testing is needed with different communities and groups of people. We will partner with primary healthcare teams (e.g., family doctors’ offices) in three provinces to adapt and test the program in a variety of real-world settings. We will assess how to best put this program into practice and measure outcomes important to patients and caregivers so study results are relevant to them. Study findings will guide the development of a plan for expanding the program to reach and benefit more older adults with diabetes and other chronic health conditions. Patients and caregivers will be involved as key partners in all aspects of the research.

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