Improving Pain Care – Taking Care Of Vulnerable And Disadvantaged 

Projet lauréat de l’appel à projets de recherche sur les innovations 2022-2023.


RRAPPL impliqués : RRAPPL Université McGill et RRAPPL Université de Montréal – RRSPUM


In Canada, 8 million persons live with chronic pain and 4.5 million use opioids. Since opioid and pain crises were declared, to improve clinical practice, numerous approaches have been proposed. Yet, providers’ experience in mental health, addictions and chronic pain domains have changed only marginally. The proposed innovation is a combination of two effective knowledge translation approaches: Patient-Oriented-Evidence-that-Matters and Mentorship models. A Quality Improvement lens with participatory component will be adopted to address educational needs in four family medicine groups. We will administer short questionnaires, conduct focus groups to evaluate knowledge uptake, implementation progress, and impact on patient care.


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