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Francesca Luconi


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Francesca Luconi has 16 years of experience in continuing professional development. She holds a Bachellor degree in Social Anthropology, a Master degree in Education and a PhD in Educational Psychology. She began at the CPD Office as an educational consultant and researcher in 2003, and was hired as the full-time Academic Associate (including instructional designer, researcher and project manager) in 2008. In 2012, she was promoted and appointed as Assistant Dean. Her areas of research and experience cover design and facilitation of workshops; design, implementation and evaluation of accredited CME/CPD programs in the healthcare sector; a strong interdisciplinary academic background, research skills and practical judgment to customize training programs; instructional technology and instructional design; and social anthropology. She has been building bridges with key stakeholders in CPD offices across Canada, in accrediting and regulatory bodies. At the national level, Dr. Luconi chairs the AFMC National Group on Self-directed Learning and participates actively at the AFMC Research Group. At the provincial level, she has been regularly attending the Conseil Québécois du Dévelopment Professionnel Continu des Médecins (CQDPCM) meetings and annual retreats.


Developppement professionnel continu, Faculte de medecine, Universite McGill

Lieu de pratique



RRAPPL de l'Université McGill

Domaine d'intérêts / expertises

  • Cybersanté
  • Education / Formation
  • Education des patients / Activation des patients
  • Travail interprofessionnel

Expertises méthodologiques

  • Devis et analyses de méthodes mixtes
  • Etudes et analyses qualitatives avancées
  • Synthèse de connaissances (méta-analyse / réaliste / systématique)


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