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Carolina Martinez


Etudiante a la maitrise en sciences de la sante

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I am a chronic pain researcher and knowledge mobilizer, who is evaluating the pathways that are followed by children who need complex care in the context of scoliosis. The particular aspect that is being explored are the perceptions of the patients that are in this context. What else can we do to improve their trajectory and the quality of care that is being given to them? I graduated from Bishops University in June 2019, after finishing an honors thesis in Applied Psychology. I certified myself as a knowledge mobilizer at Bishops and during my internship, I had the unique opportunity to work with Dr. Beausejour, who introduced me to the topic of scoliosis. I have continued to research in the field, under her supervision and co-supervised by Dr. Chantal Camden in a Masters in Health Research at Université de Sherbrooke.


Universite Sherbrooke

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Domaine d'intérêts / expertises

  • Muscolosquelettique
  • Organisation de soins et services de santé
  • Orthopédie / Médecine sportive
  • Santé publique
  • Travail interprofessionnel

Expertises méthodologiques

  • Etudes et analyses qualitatives de base
  • Prise de décision médicale