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Espinoza Suarez Nataly Rossana


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Nataly Espinoza, is a Peruvian family physician. She pursued her studies in Cayetano Heredia University in Peru. She graduated from the master program in Palliative Care from Valladolid University. She successfully completed a clinical research fellowship in the at the Knowledge and Evaluation Research Unit at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, United States. Along her 3 years in United States, she got the opportunity to participate in projects about shared decision making, patient centered care, minimally disruptive medicine, burden of treatment in chronic diseases, minorities populations and emergency medicine care for elderly populations. Dr. Espinoza arrived in September 2020 and initiated her doctorate studies in Laval University at the Community health doctorate program and also belong to the VITAM - Sustainable health research center under the mentoring of Dr. Annie LeBlanc.


Laval Universite

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RRAPPL de l'Université Laval

Domaine d'intérêts / expertises

  • Cancer
  • Soins palliatifs

Expertises méthodologiques

  • Etudes et analyses qualitatives de base
  • Recherche participative
  • Synthèse de connaissances (méta-analyse / réaliste / systématique)


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