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Karin Fink

Clinicienne-chercheuse en soins palliatifs

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Dr. Karin Fink is a clinician-researcher in palliative care. Her path to palliative care medicine and research has been a winding road: After completing a Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry (Université de Montréal), she engaged in her medical studies and family medicine training (Université de Montréal, GMF-U Verdun). Recently she graduated from the Enhanced Skills Training in Palliative Care (McGill University) and holds a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Epidemiology (McMaster University). She is currently transitioning from residency to an independent practice as a palliative care physician in Montréal. Her research focuses on palliative care service access and improvement of care delivery in the home palliative care setting. During her residency training she studied facilitators and barriers to home death of palliative care patients in collaboration with two CLSCs on the island of Montréal. She is currently developing tools and forming a community-based participatory research team composed of patients and families with a lived experience of home palliative care. Together, this team will explore how the home care setting can be reshaped to better address the needs of its users in the community, with the goal of improving accessibility and quality of palliative care at home.



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RRAPPL de l'Université McGill

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  • Accès aux soins
  • Organisation de soins et services de santé
  • Soins palliatifs

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  • Amélioration de la qualité / Pratique réflexive
  • Devis et analyses de méthodes mixtes
  • Devis et analyses quantitatives