How to better address the needs of patients with dementia and their caregivers in primary care

Projet lauréat de l’appel à projets de recherche sur les innovations 2018-2019.


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Patients with dementia dwelling in the community express different unmet needs. Case management (CM) has been proposed as a solution to these challenges. It represents a collaborative work of family doctors and nurses and is a key innovation of the Quebec Alzheimer Plan. Different models of CM exist: all family physicians manage the patients with dementia (classic model) or the treating physician refers patients to a family physician with an expertise in dementia (expert model). The objective of the research project is to describe the needs of patients in two CM models and to conduct a quality improvement initiative to address them better.


Our study confirms the findings of other studies on the most common unmet needs of the patients and caregivers that are met partially or not at all. In addition, the participants were satisfied with access to care, and medical services in primary practices, being confident in their family. Our results indicate persons living with dementia and their caregivers need a contact person, a clear explanation of their dementia diagnosis, a care plan, written information on available services, and support for the caregivers.

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